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  临朐正诺自控设备有限公司是集科研开 发、工程设计、生产安装、调试服务于一体的专业设备制造企业。公司拥有一批具有多年设计经验的中、高级技术人员和技术过硬的员工队伍,拥有精良的加工装备 和高精度的检测仪器及标准化的化工实验中心室,建立起了完善的质量保证体系,确保产品质量。


  公司宗旨:以客户满意为中心,强化每一位员工的服务意 识,从用户的设计思想及产品选型入手,优化系统,协助用户实施成本控制,真实的为客户创造价值,聆听每一位客户的需求,用心、细致、合理的做好每一件事, 做到产品、人品——优良品质的一贯性,吸收国际最新、最好的技术,更好的服务于广大用户。 公司愿以优质的产品,合理的价格,更好的服务与广大客户真诚合作,互赢互利,共谋发展!

  Linqu is Connaught automatic control equipment Co., Ltd. is a science research development, engineering design, production installation, commissioning services in one of the professional equipment manufacturing enterprises. The company has a group with many years of design experience, senior technical personnel and excellent staff, have excellent processing equipment and high precision detection instruments and standard of chemical experimental center, established a perfect quality assurance system, ensure the quality of products.

  Main products: industrial automation batching, measuring and control equipment, in addition to iron, magnetic separator, magnetic and electric equipment, products related to more than 30 series over 200 kinds of specifications, and of the practical needs of the users and the use of the environment of the special requirements of design and production of the corresponding products.

  Company purpose: to customer satisfaction as the center, strengthen every employee services knowledge, starting from the user's design idea and product selection, system optimization, assist users to implement cost control, real for customers to create value, listen to the needs of every customer, careful and reasonable do everything, do the consistency of the product, character, excellent quality, absorption the latest and best technology and better service to customers. The company is willing to high-quality products, reasonable prices, better service and the vast number of customers sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and mutual benefit, and seek common development!